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Our Features

1. Locate Au Pairs

Discover like-minded Au Pairs worldwide with our map, connecting you in seconds.

2. Send a Direct Message

Connect with Au Pairs worldwide, find similar interests on our map, and make connections in seconds.

3. Connect Instantly

Instantly connect with Au Pairs worldwide in a few clicks, experiencing the power of global connections.

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from around the world

Olii caters to diverse needs: connect with Travel Buddies, gain insights from experienced Au Pairs, and expand your circle of friends in a supportive community. Olii has you covered!

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Connect instantly with others

No more need to wait on 3rd parties in order to get connected with other Au Pairs. Simply message to start building valuable friendships!

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What people are saying

I am very excited to start using the app, I am sure it will be great, despite the au pair groups on other social medials it is very difficult to find friends, I have high expectations that with Olii that will be easier

Marian Sastoque, Au Pair

This app has the potential to really connect au pairs in all agencies so they can share their experience with others going through a similar experience!

Cala, Au Paradise

I’m so happy I got to try the Olii app. I wish I had it when I was an active Au pair. It makes it easier to find Au pair friend to connect with and maybe even set up play dates what I alway dreamed about. Finding another Au pair with similar aged kids and same work schedule is now so easy!

The Happy Aupair

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